• Would you rather… be able to talk to animals, or speak all languages?

    During one of my English classes today, I asked a student if he would rather do work in his current office, or the office in a photo we were talking about. He hadn’t come across this construction yet, and so I stopped the lesson we were working on to focus on it.

    I remembered that around Christmas time I stumbled across rrrather.com with my siblings, and we spent an hour or so asking each other “Would you rather” questions. Here’s how it works. Below is a screen shot taken from the website.

    So, you can use the text above to make a “Would you rather” question: Would you rather be able to talk to animals, or be able to speak all foreign languages? This is the same as asking, would you prefer to be able to talk with all animals, or be able to speak all foreign languages? It’s a great way to ask about hypothetical situations. Note that every sentence starts with the modal verb “would.” We cannot substitute other modal verbs, such as could or might, in this construction.

    Here is another photo. I’ve created a gap fill below it. See if you can make your own “Would you rather” sentence.

    Would you rather be ___ ______ _____ ____ ___ _____, or __ _______?

    Visit the website at rrrather.com to continue practicing these sentences.


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