• World’s Toughest Job

    What is the world’s toughest job? Any guesses? Does it involve danger? Is it emotionally draining? Does it require intelligence? Watch this interview, but STOP at 2 minutes 45 seconds and guess the job in comments! Don’t Cheat!

    How much do you understand?

    1. List 2 different ways that he breaks the ice at the beginning of the interview.

    2. What is the job title? Is there a possibility the job title will change?

    3. Is the job physically easy?

    4. How much are you required to work?

    5. When do you get to eat your lunch?

    6. What kind of education would the ideal candidate have?

    7. What is required of you during the holidays?

    8. What are the job candidates reaction to the job requirements?

    9. How much do you get paid?

    10. What is the job?

    Happy Mother’s Day to all our students that are mothers and all our teachers that are mothers! If you aren’t a mother give your mom some love today! Happy Mother’s Day! The toughest job in the world!

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