• If You Won the Lottery – English Listening Exercise

    What would you say to your boss if you won the lottery? It’s a question made to produce funny answers, which is why American talk show host Jimmy Kimmel had someone go to Hollywood Boulevard and ask pedestrians what they would do.

    This makes a great listening exercise because there is a lot of slang, everyday English, it’s funny, and it uses interesting and complicated grammar structures. Watch the short video below, then see if you can answer the questions.

    Note: In the video, the lottery is referred to as “Powerball.”

    Answer the questions below in comments, and we’ll respond.

    1. How much was the Powerball worth? What was the record?

    2. How does he recommend “recreating” the experience of playing Powerball?

    3. If you ___ $600 million dollars, ___ ___ quit the show?

    4. It seems to be everyone’s fantasy when they think about winning the lottery, being able to quit their job and ___ ____ boss ___.

    5. What does the phrasal verb in the sentence above mean?

    6. If you ___ the $600 million Powerball, what ____ you say to your boss?

    7. Snap! This guy’s gonna ___ you ___ to ___ and leave you there.

    8. I am ___ __ ___ I never have to do _______ lunch duty again!

    9. I’d definitely tell him about the time his wife ___ __ ___ __ at the Christmas party.

    10. What would you tell your boss?