• Why Fly? A Common ICAO English Exam Question

    Preparing for your ICAO English proficiency exam?  One common question you may get during the exam is: What were your motivations for this?

    Let’s explore a sample question on this subject from a past paper.

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    What are your privileges and responsibilities as an airline pilot?


    These include:

    The opportunity to travel, often on an international scale,

    The chance to bring family members (occasionally) along on flights on special, reduced fares.

    Meeting new people, including the possibility of meeting personal heroes like sports stars.

    Being a respected member of society with passengers putting their personal safety in your hands on a daily basis.


    These include:

    Bringing people safely to their destination.

    Bringing cargo, intact, to its destination.

    Complying with international aviation laws and regulations.

    Representing the airline employing you positively.

    Returning the aircraft to its owner undamaged.

    While we think about what it means to be a pilot, let’s enjoy a song about the pleasures of flight: Frank Sinatra with Come Fly With Me:

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