• Why Are English Plurals So Crazy? Videos and Exercises

    Have you ever wondered why English plurals are so crazy? Why we say foot and feet, but not book and beek? Why we say goose and geese, but not moose and meese? Why does child turn to children, and not childs?

    Most English speakers won’t be able to tell you why, we just know that some words are different. Thanks to a wonderful new video from TED, we can learn about how the Vikings changed English plurals, and made them easier than they were. Before that, we’ve got a quick video lesson about how plurals work in English, with an exercise.

    English Plurals Video


    Correct the plural words in red. Write your answer in comments and we will respond.

    1. How many persons study English as a second language?
    2. Five womans opened a computer services company.
    3. Even childrens enjoy learning on the Internet.
    4. Most basketball players are 6 foots tall or more.
    5. Which breed of sheeps produces the finest wool?
    6. My tooths are sensitive to the cold.
    7. At daylight savings time, we have to change our watchs .
    8. The boys went fishing and caught 10 fishs .
    9. There are 10 mans in the Maintenance Department.
    10. The wifes keep their knifes on the shelfs.

    So where did these crazy plurals come from? Watch the video below, then try the exercise.

    Interesting, right? Now try these listening questions. If you answer them in comments, we will respond.

    1. There are ______of ways that English doesn’t make sense.

    2. How many years ago was the plural of books ‘beek’?

    3. How many years ago was English and German the same language?

    4. _________it was like sheep is today where you don’t do anything to make a plural.

    5. Why did the English language change?

    6. At what age does it become very difficult to learn a language without an accent?

    7. Why did some irregular plurals remain?

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