• What Is Your Opinion On……?

    Giving Your Opinion In English

    Giving your opinion in English and any language is important. You can give an opinion on the taste of a sandwich, the color of someone’s hair or why you think that a person should be the next president of your country.

    One of the most controversial environmental topics recently has been about poaching. Poaching is when people illegally hunt or catch animals such as rhinos and elephants. This is often done because the animal has something valuable that can be sold for lots of money, like ivory. Can you think of any other animals that are poached? Why? Let us know by writing in the comment section so we can see how many different animals are poached around the world.

    Poaching can be a topic that people have very strong opinions about, which is why we are going to use it as an example for today’s class. The video below will tell you a story about the African elephant, so go ahead and watch it.

    Listening for Opinions In English

    That was a difficult video to watch. Here are some questions about the video. Can you answer the questions or fill in the blank? As always, write your comments below, and we’ll respond!

    1. “Elephants are one of the most ___________ creatures on this planet.”
    2. “…and they are highly ___________, social beings.”
    3. What is the largest land animal in your country? Can you tell us anything about this animal? Is it social or unsocial? What does it eat? Does this animal have any problems with humans, such as poaching?
    4. “African elephants have been here for a million and a half years, and now human intervention is literally changing the face of this incredible creature.” In this sentence, what do you think the narrator means when she says that elephant faces have been changed by humans? Write your ideas below so we can see your interesting thoughts.
    5. Dr. Tammie Matson said that elephants are a ‘keystone species,’ meaning they play a very important role in the natural environment. Can you name the two actions that elephants do in the wild that can change the natural environment?
    6. “Their ivory tusks are basically just large ____________, but for centuries they’ve been used in _______, ornaments, jewelry, even _________ keys.”
    7. Why do you think that the price of ivory is so high? Do you think a higher price will stop poaching or make more poaching happen?

    Forms Of Giving Your Opinion In English

    Now that we have listened to the video, here are the various ways to give, ask and summarize your opinion:

    Let’s try and put these into practice.  I’m going to ask you for your opinion on a topic. Can you write your opinion in the comment section below? Try to use an expression to state your opinion, and summarize using another one of the expressions from the table above.

    What do you think about poaching endangered animals such as elephants?

    Practice Giving Your Opinion In English

    Now let’s look at some current news topics. Below there are 3 pictures from current news events. First, think about what the picture could be about with the help of a clue in the parenthesis ( ), then write your opinion in the comment section below, using the expressions we looked at earlier.



    (United Airlines Passenger)








    (North Korean Missile)














    Great work! Now we can make our opinion even more interesting by adding how much you agree or disagree with someone/something. Below you can see another table with expressions to show you how to reinforce your opinion.

    Can you think of something that you strongly agree with and something you strongly disagree with? We’d love to hear your opinions!

    Now you can show people your opinions in English, which will allow you to engage in conversation about a variety of topics. We hope you enjoyed today’s blog post. If you are interested in taking English classes with native English speakers, sign up today to book a trial class!