• Using the Word Like in English video and exercise

    Like can be a very confusing word for students learning English, mainly because it has so many different meanings in the language. The word has even become a noun, thanks to Facebook. This lesson will help with the most common, and grammatically correct usages of the word.

    Take a look at the example exercises below, and see if you can answer them. You’ll see the correct answers in the video. Then try the exercise after the video.

    Exercise: Correctly answer the questions below, by understanding how the word “like” is used.

    What is Madonna like?

    What does Madonna look like?

    What does Madonna like?

    Ok, now watch the video:

    Exercise: Answer the questions below in comments, and we will respond.

    1. What does your favorite actor look like?
    2. What does your favorite actor like?
    3. What is your favorite actor like?

    Ok, that’s it! Contact us if you have any questions.

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