• Using Passive Voice in English – Video and Exercises

    I realized that we don’t have a grammar video on the Passive voice when one of my students made a common mistake using the passive voice. Passive voice is important for written English and it is also a really good way to review your tenses, because the passive voice can be in any tense.

    We use passive voice in English when we don’t know who or what did the action or when the action is more important than the who or what. If you want to review your tenses and see some common mistakes English language learners make while using the passive voice, watch the video and do the exercise below:

    Correct the following sentences
    1. The boy found hiding in the closet when the police arrived.
    2. Where were you when the accident was happened?
    3. More than 10 people found in the van.
    4. The book can read in any order.
    5. If you find a wallet it should be returning to the owner immediately.

    Put the following active voice sentences into the passive form
    1. Someone robbed the bank on Tuesday.
    2. A Brazilian scientist was researching penicillin 50 years before Flemming took credit for it’s discovery.
    3. France gave the Statue of Liberty to the United States.
    4. The construction company is going to build a house here.

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