• Using Some or Any in English – Video with Exercise

    Some or any? You probably learned this in your beginner English class but…. did you learn the exceptions? Do you understand the difference in meaning? This video reviews the basic rules of ‘some’ or ‘any’ and also explains the exceptions to the rule.

    If you have been studying English for a while you understand that English has grammar rules and then has a lot of exceptions to the rules. Well like most of English some and any have exceptions.

    For example, you can say. Can I have some tea? Why can you say this when you know the basic grammar rule is to use ‘any‘ for questions? Another example: She made it home without any problems. It isn’t a negative sentence and it isn’t a question, but it’s ok to use any.

    Watch the video and do the exercises below to test your knowledge:


    Write your answers in comments, and we’ll correct them.

    1. Before we leave, I have to get ______ water and my wallet. Wait a moment.

    2. ________ people think that drinking wine is bad for you but many studies have proven the benefits of 2 glasses of wine every night!

    3. I don’t have ______ children yet, but we want to have two or three eventually.

    4. Don’t worry about going to visit the tourist sights tomorrow. _______ bus will take you to the center of  town.

    5. Are there ________ Mexican  restaurants in your part of town?

    6. “What type of music do you want to listen to?” “Oh, __________. I just want to hear some music!”

    7. Would you like _____ wine with your meal, sir?

    8. Yes, I would. Bring me _____ red wine that you have.

    9. Do you want _____ help with your homework?

    10. This was an easy exercise and I didn’t make ______ mistakes!

    • Silvia Deplano

      1) somme 2) any 3) any 4)some 5)any 6) any 7)some 8) any 9)some 10)any

      • LOIEnglish

        Silvia…Thanks for answering the questions. This is a challenging exercise with some or any.

        Number 2: Should be ‘some’. When we talk about groups in general we use some. For example: Some people like wine, some people don’t like wine.

        Number 4: Any. We use ‘any’ in this sentence to mean that it isn’t important. You can take bus 5 or bus 105 or bus 114, all of the buses got to the city center. You can take ANY bus. Good work! If you have any more questions let me know!

        • ali

          ON THANK YOU

    • Luis Kimura

      cool, and simple, very nice to learn like this

    • ali

      well done

    • ali

      iam looking to learan english by my skype (pantly2013)

    • Anna

      1. some 2. some 3. any 4. some 5. any 6. any 7. some 8. some 9. any 10. any

      • LOIEnglish

        Anna…Good work. You only had a few problems.

        Question #4: The correct answer is ‘any.’ It is to say that all the buses travel to the center of town and it isn’t important which bus you choose. You can take bus 15, or 5, or 6. ANY bus will take you there.

        Questions #8: The correct answer is ‘any.’ It is for the same reason. ANY red wine. I hope this helps. Please contact me if you have any questions.

    • Kika Salomao

      1- some 2- some 3- any 4-some 5- any 6- some 7-some 8- some 9- any 10- any

      • LOIEnglish


        You had a similar problem to many of the responses.

        Questions 4, 6, and 8 should all be ‘any’. It is because the type isn’t important. So you are saying ‘ANY’ music that the type isn’t important.

    • Marcio

      1.some; 2.Some; 3.any; 4. Some; 5. any; 6. some; 7. some; 8.any; 9. any; 10. any

      • LOIEnglish

        Marcio…Thanks for taking the time to answer the questions. It looks like you had some problems with a couple of the questions.

        Question #4: Correct answer is ‘any’ This is to say that the exact bus isn’t important that they all go to the center of town. You can take ANY bus to the town center, 15, 5, 6, they all go through the town center.

        Question #6: The correct answer is ‘any.’ Again it is meaning that the exact type of music isn’t important.

        I hope this helps!

    • Lenka

      1.some 2.Any 3.any 4.Some 5.any 6.some 7.some 8.some 9.some 10.any

      • LOIEnglish

        Lenka…Good you had a couple problems.

        Question #2: Should be ‘some’ When we talk in general or make generalities we use some. Some people like wine. Some people don’t. Some people are tall.

        Question #4: Correct answer is ‘any’ In this case it means that which bus isn’t important. All the buses travel to the town center. Take any bus, bus 15, or 5, or 6. They all travel to the city center.

        Question #6: Correct answer is ‘any’ This is for the same reason. The type of music doesn’t matter to the speaker. Any music. Rock, punk, jazz, any music.

        Question #8: Correct answer is ‘any’ Again it is saying that the exact type doesn’t matter. Cabernet, or Pinot, or Merlot, any red wine.

        I hope this helps. You seemed to have the most problems when the speaker was saying that the exact type isn’t important.

    • ana gusmao

      1.some 2.some 3.any 4.any 5.any 6.any 7.any 8.any 9.any 10.some

      • LOIEnglish

        Good work Ana. The only problem you had was with Question #7. A better answer is ‘some’ We often use ‘some’ when we are making offers in the question form especially when we expect the answer to be yes. i.g. Would you like some tea?