• Using English Adjective Clauses and Phrases (video)

    Adjective clauses and phrases are probably the most common grammatical construction in the daily newspaper. People and their ages, positions, company affiliations, as well as places with descriptions, and times with memorable data all appear in adjective clauses and phrases. On any given page of the paper, you will probably find 20 of them, such as this one:

    “The location where the secret meeting took place was Marra’s restaurant, located next to the house of John Demarco, a butcher, who saw the two spies wearing black overcoats and ski masks.”

    One of the interesting things about an adjective clause is that you do not need a subject or verb. Many tests like the  GMAT, TOEIC, and TOEFL require you to understand and use adjective clauses. Take a look at the video below to help you understand and don’t forget the quiz.

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