• Understanding English Spoken in India

    It’s an interesting time for English, and languages in general. English is the most spoken language in the world. Although there are more native speakers of both Mandarin Chinese and Spanish, there are enough people speaking English as a second language to put us as the most spoken language.

    In fact, it is believed that English will soon become the first language spoken by more non-native speakers than native speakers. What does it mean for the future of a language when native speakers no longer dominate it? For one thing, I think we will have to accept, like it or not, that English will have many more dialects.

    One place where English is widely spoken as a second language is India. It is, when non-native speakers are counted, the second largest population of English speakers. But frankly, even native English speakers can have difficulties understanding an English speaker from India.

    Lately many of my students, especially those that work in IT, have been asking me what they can do to understand English speakers from India better. Trying to help my students, I came across this podcast, Indicast.

    Indicast produces interesting podcasts and videos in English, but mostly with speakers from India. It’s a great way to practice your English listening skills and your ability to understand English speakers from India. I hope it helps!

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