• Travel English: Help For When You Land In An English Speaking Country

    Arriving in a foreign country can be a stressful and unsettling experience, especially if you don’t speak the language very well.

    However, help is at hand. Here are the most important things you will need to ask when you arrive at an English speaking country:


    Excuse me, can you point me in the direction of the city center?

    Can you suggest a nearby/adjacent hotel?

    Where is the nearest banklink/ATM (automatic teller machine), please?

    Is there a bureau de change nearby? I have to change some currency?

    Can you tell me if this place is WiFi enabled?

    Can you direct me to the most convenient form of public transport?

    Excuse me, have you any idea where I could find the ________ embassy?

    Could you please tell me how long it takes to get to the ____ district?

    Could you possibly suggest a good place to eat at this time of day?

    Is there a tourist authority that could answer my questions and maybe advise me on my trip?

    Sorry, where is the nearest bathroom/restroom?

    Can you direct me to the nearest medical center please? I am feeling unwell.


    How comfortable are you with airport signs? Try and practice them before you travel.

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