• English Listening Exercise: Why I Think this World should End

    This week’s video is about a musician/philosopher’s opinion about why this world should end. It is a great video with a lot of difficult phrasal verbs. This is a good way to learn how to use the phrasal verbs and how to form an opinion in English. In addition our grammar highlight for the week is on the word ‘so’ Can you count how many times in the video he uses the word ‘so’?

    English Listening Exercise:

    1. The world is ______ to an ______.

    2. We can’t live with each other __ everyone is medicated.

    3. More people want 15 seconds of ______ than a lifetime of _______ and ________.

    4. ____ percent of songs on the radio are about sex.

    5. How much television does the average person watch per day?

    6. Yet we tell our kids ______ get that degree.

    7. Corporations tell us buy, buy, buy, you must ____ __ you must ____ __.

    8. What is his solution?

    9. The _____ to a new beginning starts within you.

    10. How many times did he use ‘so’? Do you understand how to use it? You can watch the video:

    Writing: Do you agree with Prince Ea? What is your opinion about the state of the world? Like always I’ll correct your answers.

    Also, try this quiz on the word “so.”

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