• Taking English Classes with Rockstars

    Assembling a team of English teachers isn’t easy, especially when you are focused on quality, experience, certification and that extra something, je ne sais quoi.  LOI English is lucky to have a talented team of teachers. If you are already an LOI English student then you know that our teachers are great at teaching English but did you know they have many other talents? Did you know that our teacher Peter has his own radio show? or that Tina is an expert on the artist Klimt? You can read her articles here, although it is in German.  

    Isaac does voiceover work (you can hear his smooth vocals during class). Davide is an experienced programmer and inventor. Here is one of his patents, it is a little too techie for my understanding.  

    Our teacher Takeyce has a beautiful new album called Faith and Love. Inspired by her reggae roots. You can hear her beautiful vocals and the wonderful message she wants to share.  You should check it out! Teacher Kelly just released an album too, in a little different style. Deeply Unlovable has a great British punk feel and she rocks with her band ,The Empty Page. 

    At LOI English you might be taking your next English class with a future rockstar. These are only a few of our talented teachers you could meet during your classes with LOI English. This is what makes LOI English unique. Are you unique too? Then you and LOI English will be a great fit. 

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