• Star Wars – The English Listening Exercise

    I can’t even believe I’ve waited this long to create a Star Wars – The Force Awakens listening exercise. The movie will begin showing on December 18 in the United States.

    Star Wars and E.T. are the earliest movies I remember from my childhood. I especially remember liking The Empire Strikes Back. When I got older and watched them again, I honestly didn’t find them to be such great movies, and I haven’t been impressed with any of the new ones so far. But, I have to admit, the trailers for The Force Awakens look really good. I’ll probably go see it in the theatres once the crowds thin out. Which could be February, the way things are going.

    Anyhow, we’ve got both of the trailers for the new film below, each followed by a few listening questions. Answer the questions in comments, and we’ll respond.

    Answer the questions below in comment and we’ll respond.

    1. What role do you think the female character in at the beginning will play?
    2. Nothing will ___ in our ___.
    3. What does the above phrasal verb mean?
    4. What phrasal verb is used the the last sentence? What does it mean?
    5. From watching this trailer, write a few sentences describing what the movie will be about.

    1. What do you learn in the opening scene, before there is any speaking? You’ll only know the answer if you’ve seen Star Wars before.
    2. What else about the movie do you learn from this trailer?
    3. What do you think Han Solo is referring to at the end when he says “We’re home.”
    4. What does Chewbacca say at the end? Just kidding, we don’t teach Shyriiwook. 😉

    Ok, we hope you enjoyed this Star Wars English listening exercise. Please contact us in comments if you have any suggestions for future exercises, or questions. Also, if you’re interested in live English classes with native speakers, click here.


    • Duarte Vader

      1. She is probably going to be a Jedi.
      2. Nothing will stand in our way..
      3. Nothing will stop us.
      4.Just let it in. I think it means that the girl is telling the new villain to join the light side, or to let the thoughts of him doing bad things get in his mind and realize that what he is doing is wrong.
      5. A stormtrooper will stop doing bad things. The girl is going to meet Obi-Wan and Yoda in ghost form. Han is going to fight the villain and try to find Luke to help him. The girl and the stormtrooper will meet and save planets. They will fight the bad guys and the boy is going to get captured for being a ´traitor´ and the girl will find him and save him with Han Solo and Luke.
      6. I think that in Return of the Jedi, when Darth Vader died, the pilots were worried because they didn’t have any orders, so the ship crashed. And since the girl lived in a desert, I think she was trying to find things for her family, because the ship carried lots of things. She was in her podracer and went there to find things.
      7. I learn that Han and Chewie appear. (I predicted it!) And also that the girl and the boy meet. (I don’t have to say it again) but I didn’t know there was another pilot that appeared. R2D2 is alive! 😀 And that the villain attacked the planet and they tried to save it but couldn’t (I think)
      8. Probably because he was in a ship, which is probably the Millenium Falcon, or that they flied to Corellia or Kashyyk because Han Solo was born in Corellia or Chewie was born in Kashyyk.
      9. He probably says `Yes we are´ or `Home, sweet home` or something like that. But hey, this is just a theory, I’m not a Wookiee!