• In the Spirit of Staying Positive: Election Humor and 9 Common Phrases

    It has only been a few days since The Donald became President-elect Trump.  (We don’t have to call him President Trump just yet!)  Maybe you were shocked and horrified, like me.  Maybe you were one of the people who knew it would happen.  Maybe you’re celebrating.  The scary thing is that since Tuesday night, there seems to be even more arguing, name-calling and hate between the right and left sides than during the campaign.  Don’t worry, the point of this post is not to shine the light on the hate, it’s to cheer ourselves up while learning some common English phrases.  Today we’ll get to know the following phrases:

    in the spirit of: with the intention of

    hitch a ride: get a ride from someone (informal)

    rise above: not allow something unpleasant to influence you

    reach out to: make an effort to communicate with or help someone

    live up to: fulfill

    a thing or two: refers to useful information that can be learned (informal)

    have a ways to go: have a lot of work to do

    a little push: some encouragement

    give up hope: stop believing something is possible

    I think it’s obvious from this post that I’ve been cheering myself up during the election by watching The Daily Show.  This time, Jordan Klepper interviews both Trump and Hillary supporters to see if they can think of anything nice to say about each other.  This video was taken before the results came, but it continues to be relevant between those who are #stillwithher and those who are happy America will be “great again.”  Fill in the blanks with the correct phrase in the comments section below.  Remember to conjugate the verbs!

    1. This has been a divisive nightmare of an election, but _____________ moving forward, at one of the debates the candidates themselves took an opportunity to say one positive thing about each other.
    2. I ____________ to a Trump rally to see if his supporters were also ready to _________ the anger and __________ the other side.
    3. I headed to a Hillary rally.  Surely her supporters would ________ their slogan of ‘stronger together,’ and teach those hateful Trump voters ___________ about kindness.
    4. So, both camps _____________.  Maybe they just needed ___________.
    5. Then, just when I __________, I finally heard it-that one positive thing.

    Doesn’t it help to laugh?  Ok, so now that you’ve read the definitions and listened to examples, fill in the blanks below with the correct phrase.  Don’t forget to leave your answers in the comments section!

    1. He needs to learn ___________ about respecting people.
    2. Hopefully Trump will not ________ his reputation.
    3. _____________ being honest, I told her that her haircut looks bad.
    4. I haven’t talked to my grandmother in months, so I will __________ her today.
    5. I didn’t have money for the bus, so I ____________ home.
    6. After the election, we must remember not to __________.
    7. My English is really improving, but I still _____________.  I should book a class with LOI!
    8. When he was bullied, he _________ the urge to fight back.
    9. I’m a bit lazy with practicing my English, so sometimes I need ___________.  That’s why I booked a class with an amazing LOI instructor.

    Want to learn more?  Check out this extremely helpful post from one of our instructors, Peter: The Ultimate Guide to English Idiomatic Expressions

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