• So, What Is The Deal with ‘So’

    “So” is an important conjunction in the English language. There is often confusion with “so” and “such.” You can check out our grammar video about “so” and “such” here. The audio clip below talks about h0w English speakers are now using ‘so’ in different ways, sometimes more similar to the way native English speakers use “like” “well,” or “um.” It’s also being used to say that there is a “backstory” or background information that must be understood before you can receive an answer.  Listen to this linguist’s thoughts on “so” and answer the questions.

    Answer the questions below and we will respond in comments.

    1. We don’t usually notice little words ______, ______, and ____.
    2. Where did use of ‘so’ rank in the misused words list?
    3. Does NPR overuse ‘so’?
    4. So is a conversational work-horse, it _________ a new topic, it ________ causes to results, it ___ __ a joke. (Click here for the phrasal verb in the last blank.)
    5. Did F. Scott Fitgerald’s editor recommend using a different word in the last sentence of his novel The Great Gastsby?
    6. What is the new use of ‘so’?
    7. Which professions use ‘so’ more than anyone?
    8. What are the three criticisms he cites about using ‘so’?

    Can you write 4 sentences using ‘so’?

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