• Scottish Accents and Mistakes: English Listening

    One of the more beautiful, but often difficult English accents to understand (even for native English speakers) is the Scottish accent. Get some practice listening to it with this TED video in which Ian Ritchie tells the story of how he dismissed the ideas of Tim Breners-Lee, the man who built the internet.

    Below you’ll find video of Ian talking about his mistake.

    Why you should listen to Ian:

    Ian Ritchie is chair of iomart plc. and several other computer and learning businesses, including Computer Application Services Ltd., the Interactive Design Institute and Caspian Learning Ltd. He is co-chair of the Scottish Science Advisory Council, a board member of the Edinburgh International Science Festival and the chair of Our Dynamic Earth, the Edinburgh Science Centre.

    Ritchie founded and managed Office Workstations Limited (OWL) in Edinburgh in 1984 and its subsidiary OWL International Inc. in Seattle from 1985. OWL became the first and largest supplier of Hypertext/Hypermedia authoring tools (a forerunner to the World Wide Web) for personal computers based on its Guide product. OWL’s customers used its systems to implement large interactive multimedia documentation systems in industry sectors such as automobile, defence, publishing, finance, and education. OWL was sold to Matsushita Electrical Industrial (Panasonic) of Japan in December 1989. He is the author of New Media Publishing: Opportunities from the digital revolution (1996).

    What was Vannevar Bush’s idea?

    How did it change the way we organize information?

    By the mid-60s, he was able to ___ ___ ___ _____ when he worked for the Stanford Research Lab.

    What was the trouble with Doug Englebart’s problem?

    My company, ____, had built a system called ____ for the Apple Macintosh.

    And this began to get a ____ __ _____.

    So that puts me in _____ _______ ______.

    ___ ____ ______ there’s Marc Andreesen.

    What is Ian’s joke at the end?

    Have you ever dismissed a good idea? Have you ever had a good idea that has been dismissed?