• Remembering Sunscreen: Talking About Our Fears For The Future in English

    In our conversations in English we almost always talk about our hopes and wishes for the future. Talking about our fears and worries for the future is another important part of language.

    Let’s explore this now.

    What words should I use?

    To talk about our fears we can say…

    I worry that (or I am worried that)…

    I am afraid that….

    I am fearful that…

    I am scared that…


    I am concerned about…

    I am anxious about…

    I am apprehensive about…

    I am uneasy about…

    I am nervous about…..

    What are your fears?

    Some possible global fears include:

    The international recession,

    The rising cost of living,

    The environmental disasters currently ravaging the planet,

    The pollution of rivers and oceans.

    Some possible personal fears include:

    Bad health,

    Credit card debt,

    Relationship problems,

    Not achieving our professional goals.

    Expressing our fears

    When we use the word that in our expressions, it is usually followed by the verb to be:

    I worry that the economic recession will not improve.

    I am afraid that the cost of living will keep rising.

    However, when we use about, we do not use the verb to be:

    I am apprehensive about credit card debt.

    I am uneasy about the future of my relationship.

    Here is a hit song about dealing with our worries for the future, Baz Luhrmann’s Everybody’s Free (To Wear Sunscreen).

    What does Luhrmann say about worrying about the future?

    What are the pieces of advice listed in the song that you find most helpful?

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