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Quiz: Reported Speech p. 1

For today’s quiz we are going to review the reported speech (sometimes called indirect speech). The most important point to remember for this quiz, is that in the reported speech, we must always take a step back in verb tense. If there is a direct speech sentence in the present simple (I play football everyday), then we must change the reported speech to the past simple (He said that he played football everyday). Look at the sentences below to remind you how we change to reported speech.

present simple —> past simple

present continuous —> past continuous

present perfect —> past perfect

past simple —> past perfect

past continuous —>past perfect continuous

will —> would

going to —> was/were going to


Try to answer the questions to this 3 part quiz to test your knowledge on reported speech.

  1. He said soup in his kitchen everyday.
  2. David he had been to London four times.
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