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Past Simple or Past Continuous

Today you’ll test your knowledge of past simple and past continuous in English.  Remember, we use past simple to talk about:

  • Completed action in the past: I did my homework last night.
  • Series of completed actions: I did my homework, cooked dinner, and watched TV.
  • Duration of completed past action: I lived in Medellín for 4 months.
  • Past habits or hobbies: I played the saxophone in primary school.

We use past continuous to talk about:

  • Interrupted action in the past: I was sitting in the library when my phone rang.
  • Specific time in the past: At 4:30pm yesterday I was jogging.
  • Two actions at the same time: You were riding your bike while I was jogging.
  • Describe the mood/tone: When I arrived at the hospital she was coughing, and several nurses were running around.
  1. I a movie last night.
  2. I a movie last night when my phone rang.
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