• Pronouncing ED endings in English Video and Exercise

    One of the mistakes that we see often with our students, especially with Brazilians and any Spanish speakers, is mispronunciation of English words that end in ED. Basically a word like ‘walked’ should sound like “walkt,” not “walk-ID.”

    The difference may seem very subtle to non-native speakers, but pronouncing ED endings correctly in English is important. The difference is very noticeable to native speakers, and with a few easy tips, you can fix this problem and make your English sound much better.

    The best way to practice pronouncing ED endings is to talk to live native English speakers, listen to how they say the words, and allow them to hear how you pronounce English words with ED endings. Our video below will help you get started, and then you can try the exercise below.

    Choose the correct pronunciation ending for the words below:

    Talked = (id/t).

    Played = (id/t).

    Ended = (id/t).

    Advanced = (id/t).

    Started = (id/t).

    Laughed = (id/t).

    Landed = (id/t).

    Moveed = (id/t).

    Hoped = (id/t).


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    April 15, 2013 at 4:43 pm, Fernando said:

    Talked = (id/t). t
    Played = (id/t). t
    Ended = (id/t). id
    Advanced = (id/t). t
    Started = (id/t). id
    Laughed = (id/t). t
    Landed = (id/t). id
    Moveed = (id/t). t
    Hoped = (id/t) t


    April 16, 2013 at 1:38 pm, LOIEnglish said:

    Excellent work. Now just remember the rules while speaking! I know it might be more difficult while speaking but if you take classes and continue practicing you will be fluent in no time!


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