• During, For, and While Problem words for English Language Learners

    There are some words that are difficult to use and easily confused by English language learners. I know from learning Spanish that time expression words can be especially difficult. To add further complication, Spanish and Portuguese have a word ‘durante’ that sounds similar to ‘during’ but isn’t used in exactly the same contexts. If you find yourself using “during” a lot you may want to ask yourself if you are using it correctly.

    Look at this sentence:

    During many years she worked at the factory.  Correction: For many years, she worked at the factory.

    During she was speaking I got a phone call. Correction: While she was speaking I got a phone call.

    During the break I ate lunch and had a coffee. YES!

    Do you know the difference between the above sentences? Watch the video and do the exercises to test your knowledge of during, while, and for.

    Write your answers in comments and we will respond.

    1. Angie has been waiting ______ me at her house and I’m stuck in traffic.

    2. I went running _______ he was making dinner.

    3. We lived in Argentina ________ two years.

    4. My sister came to stay with us _____ 10 days _______her winter break.

    5. Janet called me ________ I was on the other line.

    6. ________my holidays I like to hike and camp.


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