• How private is your email? An English listening exercise.

    Do you wonder how private your email is? Do you think messages you send via email are safe and protected?

    After listening to this TedTalk you will realize that it isn’t private at all. Listen to the TedTalk and tell me; will you sign up for ProtonMail?

    Answer the questions in comments, and we’ll reply.

    1. What are the downsides to the internet?

    2. What do our collective emails tell about us?

    3. What is the scariest part about this?

    4. How will the word ‘privacy’ mean something different in 20 years?

    5. How is an email like a postcard?

    6. What is the problem with encryption services at the moment?

    8. In Andy Yen’s opinion, why hasn’t the best encryption policy happened yet?

    9. How do we succeed to have privacy online?

    10. What were the benefits of creating a startup at the CERN cafeteria?

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