• Preparing for the ICAO English Exam Questions

    When you are preparing for your ICAO English Proficiency Test for Aviation don’t get so caught up in the theory that would forget to prepare some topics about your own experiences in becoming a pilot. Your reasons for choosing this career, your family’s reaction to the decision etc. are common questions in the introductory part of the test.

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    Let’s look at some questions from past papers on these topics now and prepare some possible answers.

    How did your family react when you informed them you wanted to be a pilot?

    My family was delighted about the decision because I would have the opportunity to travel and have a well-respected career.

    My brothers were supportive because they too are pilots.

    My family’s reaction was ambivalent. They were pleased I had found something I was passionate about but expressed fears about the dangers of the profession.


    My family reacted negatively to the decision. They had hoped I would choose an office-based profession.

    My mother particularly was a little concerned that I would have an accident.

    My wife/husband wasn’t at all happy because of all the travelling involved in being a pilot.

    How did you feel when you earned your commercial pilot license?

    I felt overjoyed that I had fulfilled my dream.

    I was elated because I had finished my training.

    I was excited because it meant I could finally start looking for a full time job.


    I felt apprehensive about the responsibility of being a full time pilot.

    I was a little sad to be leaving behind the instructors and friends from the academy.

    I was worried that I might not get a job immediately.

    When you look at images like the one below, what emotions do they provoke in you?

    What do you think is the best thing about being a pilot?

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