• Ordering Breakfast in English – Listening Exercise

    The video for this English listening exercise is from one of my favorite movies and this scene is a great example of ordering food at a ‘diner’ style restaurant in the United States. A diner is like a mix between fast food and a café. Usually at diners you order your meal by a number, but you have a waiter come to your table to take your order. This specific exercise has some good terms you might hear at a restaurant.

    Watch the video clip and answer the questions below:

    Listening Exercise. Answer the questions in comments and we’ll respond.

    1. How much are they allowed to spend?

    2. I’m going to have the ______  _____ with ______.

    3. Number 7 ____  ____ with grapefruit juice.

    4. I would like a fruit plate. Do you have chamomile? with ______, please.

    5. I would like the lumberjack and _____ and extra _____.

    6.  What does Olive order with her waffles?

    7.  Olive, Richard is an idiot. I like a woman with ____ on her _____.

    8. What does the above idiomatic expression mean?

    9. Does anyone want my ice-cream?

    Writing Exercise: 

    In the video you see there is some worry over Olive, the little girl, ordering ice-cream. In your country do parents regulate their children’s diets? Do you have unhealthy options at restaurants, like ice-cream for breakfast? What is the best way to keep your children healthy? How do you explain that ice-cream and candy are not good for them? Is obesity a problem in your country?

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