• Obama on Gay Marriage: English Listening Exercise

    Barack Obama making his historic statement on ABC News.

    Last week, Barack Obama made a historic statement, at least for people living in the United States, when he told ABC News that he supports giving gay couples the same marriage rights as straight couples.

    For now, this is just a statement of support, and does not change the law in the United States, but it is the first time a president has openly supported gay marriage.

    Watch the short video below of the president making his statement, and then try to answer the listening questions.

    1. ____ been going through an evolution on this issue.

    2. What tense is Obama using in this sentence? Why?

    3. ______ ____ Don’t Ask Don’t Tell.

    4. What does the phrasal verb above mean? Do you know what Don’t Ask Don’t Tell is?

    5. I ___ hesitated on gay marriage.

    6. What tense does he use above? Why?

    7. It is important for me to __ _____ and affirm that I think same-sex couples _____ be able to ___ married.

    8. What do you think? Are gay couples are allowed to get married in your country? Do you think they should be able to?

    Answer the questions in comments and we’ll respond.

    • LOIEnglish

      Question #1 is We’VE (We have been going) this is present perfect continuous and we use it for active verbs and time frames that start in the past and continue to the present. Question #3 is rolling back, it means something similar to ‘take back.’ Question #5 I had hesitated on gay marriage. This is the past perfect tense, he uses this tense because he is talking about two past actions and wants to show which past action happened first.

      Obama is an open mindED person
      this right should be warrantED to all people IN SPITE OF sex difference.