• Making a Prediction In English

    In today’s class, we are going to learn how to make a prediction in English and speculate. We are not going to look at the basic ‘will’ and ‘is going to.’ We will show you other ways to engage in conversation about the future, to give your opinion and guess. Let’s first look at some of the expressions we can use to give predictions below. As you can see, moving to the right of the diagram, the likelihood of the event happening becomes more possible:

    Learning How To Make A Prediction In English

    Learning How To Make A Prediction: Listening Exercise

    Did you get that? Great. Now, let’s look at this great trailer for a movie that came out earlier this year-Arrival. Listen carefully and get your pen ready, because we’re about to do an exercise to practice your listening skills. As always, write your comments below and we will get back to you!

    1. You are at the top of everyone’s ___________ when it comes to translations.
    2. That’s what they are calling the _____________.
    3. Every ______________ hours a door opens up. That’s _________ we go in.
    4. We’re __________ _________ _____ be able to speak their words.
    5. We need to make sure they understand the difference between a _________ and a  ______________.

    Learning How To Make A Prediction In English: Gap Fill

    Now that you’ve finished that exercise, I think that you will be able to make some predictions about the movie. So, let’s start with some sentences that I want you to complete with the expression you think is most accurate from the diagram above.

    1. The movie is ___________________ be about a translator trying to communicate with aliens.
    2. There is ________________ the movie is about two dogs and their friendship.
    3. It _____________  that the aliens will attack all humans.
    4. Amy Adams (the main actress) _______________ make friends with the aliens and go to Mars.

    Learning How To Make A Prediction In English: Practice

    Now that we’ve made predictions and speculated about what Arrival is about, let’s try to become detectives! Detectives solve crimes by looking at clues to find the person responsible, and we have a crime for you to solve today-Mr. Brown has been murdered!

    First, let’s look at the crime scene below:


    When you are walking outside of your office, you notice Mr.Brown on the floor. He is dead! Terrible news. But as you look to the right, you notice something strange (right image). What is it? What does this mean about the killer? Write your comment below using the expressions we used earlier in the class.

    But wait, there are further clues to the mystery….

    … do you have any ideas about what happened?

    As you are leaving the crime scene to go home, you find an empty bottle on the floor! What are your final conclusions about what could have happened? Write your thoughts below and we’ll see who would make the best detective!

    Learning How To Make A Prediction In English: Summary

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