• Look Up To – Phrasal Verb of the Day

    Today’s phrasal verb of the day is: Look Up To

    Infinitive form: Look Up To

    Present Tense: Look Up To/ Looks Up To

    ing form: Looking Up To

    Past tense: Looked Up To

    Participle: Looked Up To

    Look Up To is an inseparable English phrasal verb. It is also a three word phrasal verb.

    This particular phrasal verb is mainly used when you  view someone with respect and/or admiration

    1. When the teacher asked who my idol is, I answered with, “I’ve always been looking up to Mother Theresa since I was a kid.”

    2. People generally look up to people who exudes confidence, strength, and faith at all times.

    Exercises: Write your answers in comments and we will correct them.

    Complete the sentences below with the correct form of Look Up To.

    1. Heidi ____ ___ __ her mother since her mother has always been there for her.

    2. Sam does not ____ ___ __ people who disrespect him.

    3. Sandra used to ____ ___ __ Lance Armstrong, but changed her mind when she learned about his doping .

    4. My uncle _____ ___ __ a Nelson Mandela. For him, that man serves as his inspiration in life.

    5.  Whenever you feel unsure about a situation, it helps to think how the person you _____ ___ __ would’ve handled it.

    Change the example sentences above to negative sentences (or positive, if the sentence is already negative). Then change them to questions.