• Look Down On – Phrasal Verb of the Day

    Today’s phrasal verb of the day is: Look Down On

    Infinitive form: Look Down On

    Present Tense: Look Down On/ Looks Down On

    ing form: Looking Down On

    Past tense: Looked Down On

    Participle: Looked Down On

    Look Down On is an inseparable English phrasal verb. It is also a three word phrasal verb. It can be  used in two different ways:

    When you consider someone or something as unimportant or with little to no value

    1. The new manager looks down on the other employees and treats them like servants.

    2. Some people have a habit of looking down on anyone that is different from them.

    Complete the sentences below with the correct form of Look Down On.

    1. ______ ____ __ people will never make you happy.

    2. You shouldn’t be _____ ____ __ people because of their work. Everyone deserves to be respected, regardless of what they do.


    4. The neighbor that Sharon ____ ____ __ helped her when she was locked out of her house. Since then, Sharon learned her lesson and vows to never ____ ____ __ anyone again.

    5.  Nobody likes being _____ ____ __.

    Change the example sentences above to negative sentences (or positive, if the sentence is already negative). Then change them to questions.