• LOI Participates in English Day at Swedish School

    LOI recently took part in an English Day at the request of a longtime student, Frank. Frank teaches English and Spanish to middle school students in Sweden. He asked LOI to offer our live classes to a group of his 13 and 14 year old students as part of English Day, so that they would have the chance to talk with native speakers.

    We were excited to have the opportunity to work with Frank and give this group of young learners the chance to really use their English.

    We broke them into six groups of 4 students each. Each group met an LOI English teacher by Skype. The classes were focused around conversation and dealt with topics interesting to teenagers, like violence and bullying in school, dress codes and appearances, the importance of education and whether money makes you happy. Here is what Frank’s students had to say about our classes:

    The teacher’s name was David. He was the British teacher and he was very funny. He made a lot of jokes and was very open and polite. He talked all the time and asked us a lot of things and was very good at making the conversation flow. So we think the teacher was very good and funny and I’m happy that we got him. The good thing was that we lost track of the topic and talked about many other things in a natural way. Anyways this idea with Skype was very fun and a great way to learn English. It was funnier to speak on Skype instead of writing and stuff. We used the video so we could see each other and that was a lot easier.    Julia, Linn, Elliot and Filip (group 3).

    Everyone in our group think that it was very funny to talk to someone who just speaks English and not understood Swedish. In that way we had to speak English and it turn into a real conversation. Muireann was really kind and she talked so we could understand her. We understood what she said and it was really easy to talk with her. We would love to do this again. We recommend this program to other schools because we learned a lot by talking. It was easy to use Skype. Elsa, Fillipa, Felicia and Linus (group 2).

    Our Skype teacher was Mark. He is an American, from California. He is funny and really cool. We discussed different topics and when we could not find words he helped us. It is much better than learning English in class. It is also better to speak with somebody from a country where they speak English. It is also better because you can´t speak Swedish with that person so you have to speak English whole the time. We think that using Skype for learning English in school is awesome and we would love to do it again. Alva, Magdalena, Isak and Hampus (group 6).

    If you are interested in having an English Day with your students, or have other interesting ideas for our classes, please contact us!

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