• LOI English Teachers: Anne Fields

    Learning English can be helpful at the professional level. That is why, nowadays, parents are willing to spend more to give children the opportunity to learn English. Because, when one is younger, the battle with learning accents, for example, can be won rather quickly. Many LOI English teachers have worked teaching children, like Anne Fields, who believes that children should start learning languages as soon as possible.

    Anne is currently living in Bogota, Colombia, from where she teaches English to people from around the world. She is from the United States and has lived in Argentina, Dominican Republic and Haiti. According to her, many of her students are from Brazil, Russia, Japan, Spain and the United States. I found it odd when she told me that she had students from the US, but then she explained that those who are learning English with her while living in the US are people from all over the world who moved there and now want to improve their English skills in a safe space, like an individual Skype class, where they are not judged by their mistakes.

    She studied French and Spanish in college, therefore she is familiar with the common struggles that any language student has to deal with. One of the things she believes is that is very important for those who are learning English is to have a patient teacher. Also, she believes that, even though she speaks other languages, her classes must given in English. Of course there are exceptions, like when the student is a beginner and does not understand a single word in English. However, Anne prefers to use hand motions, pictures, and examples to make her students stop translating their thoughts and start thinking in English. In addition to that, Anne does not like giving the correct answers without a proper explanation, for her explaining the situation is mandatory.

    Anne told me that some of her students ask her how much time they would need to learn English. That is obviously a tricky question, because people tend to learn and dedicate themselves differently. So, Anne says to her students that it takes dedication, the more you practice, the faster you will learn. Besides that, Anne tells her students that the more English they experience in their daily lives, the better, so reading news and listening to music in English are some of her pieces of advice. She also tells them to change the language in their computer, smartphone and Facebook, so they start to have a daily contact with the language.

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