• LOI English Book Club

    LOI English is introducing a new kind of course for upper-intermediate to advanced English speakers, the English Book Club. In this class, you will read some of the best novels in the English language, then discuss them in a weekly group class led by a native teacher.

    We love reading, and know that a lot of our students do to. We think this will be a fun new way for English students to maintain their English with reading and weekly conversation. The teacher will help with vocabulary lists and reading questions given out before each class, and can explain difficult parts of the novel during the weekly class.

    Classes will be $40 per month, which includes 4 classes of 1 hour 15 minutes each. There will be 5 students in each class. We will need a minimum of 5 students for a class, so make sure to share this with your friends via Facebook and Twitter! Groups will meet live via WebEx, a high-quality online video conferencing platform.

    To register for a class, click here and fill out the form, or email us.

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