• English Listening: Jane Goodall and Chimps

    This is a wealth of great listening. I love all these audio, in fact it took me so long to write this blog because I got caught up in listening to them all. I finally after a really long time settled on the Jane Goodall listening. I thought this was a good listening exercise for all ages and I’m helping prepare a final exam for one of our Montana Public School students and thought this would be a good addition to his exam. I encourage all of you to listen to the blank on blank audio.

    1. Does Jane Goodall believe there are any undiscovered species?
    2. How old was Jane when she discovered the Tarzan the books?
    3. That is when I heard about the _____ Louis Leakey.
    4. What does the word above mean?
    5. How long had he been looking for someone like Jane?
    6. If the money would have run out before she discovered something really exciting she would have ___ Louis ____. (Phrasal Verb of the Day)
    7. What exciting thing did she observe?
    8. Did Jane get a BA first and then a PhD?
    9. Her reception at Cambridge was warm and excited. T/F
    10. Does Jane thing gender influences a primatologist?


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