• Listening Exercise: Two kinds of travelers

    In our unit four of our 4Skills courses we explore the ideas of two different types of travelers. This listening exercise is about Robyn Davidson who travelled across the desert of Australia, alone with just her camels and dog. What kind of traveller are you?

    Answer the questions below in comments and we will respond.

    1. Why was his father so unsupportive of him being a photographer?

    2. What went wrong when he first arrived in Australia? Is he good with directions?

    3. What was the rule Robyn had in her house?

    4. What did Robyn’s friends think were going to happen to her?

    5. Why was Robyn embarrassed to ask him for a favor?

    6. What does he speculate draws people, specifically Robyn to adventure?

    7. How did she get her dog, Diggity?

    8. How far did Robyn walk and how far did Diggity walk a day?

    9. What was it like to have a conversation with Robyn? What did she think about American friendship?

    What kind of traveller are you? Would you make a journey like this? Is a journey like this suicidal? What do you think is the attraction to this type of travel?

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