• Listening Exercise: A Trick to Help You Sleep!

    We all know that sleep is important, and we should probably be getting more of it.  For a variety of reasons, many people don’t get the ideal 8-hour night’s sleep.  Maybe you don’t have the time, maybe you like to stay out late, or maybe you just have trouble falling asleep.  On the other hand, maybe you’re one of those lucky people who always has a good night’s sleep.  Either way, you never know when you’ll need this sleeping ‘life hack.’  Watch the following video, and brush up on your listening skills by answering the questions in the comment section.

    1. Ok.  So you can’t sleep.  You’ve _____ everything: warm glasses of milk, ________ sheep, ______ off the late-night binge watching, all of the usual tips.
    2. But, ____ you _____ ________ one of your feet outside your blankets?
    3. In numbers one and two, the narrator uses gerunds after the verb ‘to try.’  What have you tried doing to help you sleep?
    4. Researchers ____ _____ a link between high body temperature and alertness.
    5. In number 4, the narrator uses the present perfect tense to talk about the accomplishment of the researchers.  What else have researchers or doctors accomplished over the years?
    6. __ the skin of your feet __ _______ to cool night air, the blood there _____ down.
    7. In number 6, he uses the zero conditional to talk about things that happen in general.  Both of the verbs are in present tense.  What happens to the blood in your feet if you don’t stick them out?

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