• Listening Exercise: The Fish That Make Islands.

    As you may have noticed, I love David Attenborough documentaries. You can practice your English listening skills with his science based videos. He is so wise, that he must know every animal that lives on Earth!  Today, we are going to look at a fish that needs a dentist and makes islands, the Humphead Parrotfish.  So what are you waiting for?  Go ahead and listen to some interesting facts, and then we can practice your listening skills to see if you can one day become so good at English that you sound like Mr. Attenborough himself!

    Your first step to speaking like David Attenborough is a little difficult.  Let’s look at the word ‘so.’  To express that the quality the noun has effects something or someone we can use the word ‘so.’  Let’s look at these examples:

    noun+ to be (conjugated) + so + adjective + that + result

    The race was so long that I couldn’t finish.

    She ate so much food that she became ill.


    Now, try to complete the sentence that Mr. Attenborough said in the video:

    Their jaws are so ________, they can bite through _________.

    Can you think of a sentence which follows the same structure?  Write your answer in the comment section.


    What can Parrotfish produce tonnes (or tons) of every year?

    The rock and coral they swallow, emerges later as a fine _______.

    Tonnes can also be used to replace the quantifier ‘a lot of’ in informal English.  Let’s have a look at some sentences:

    I have tonnes of homework to do.  I’m not sure I will finish it all before class tomorrow.

    There are tonnes of people at the football match.

    Do you have tonnes of homework?  Can you think of something else that you have tonnes of?

    I have tonnes of __________.


    What happens over time in the video?

    Over time the sand ______ ___ to form an _______, which is then colonized by animals and plants.

    Over time is an adverb that means gradually. Can you think of something else that builds up over time? Write your answers in the comment section, and we’ll respond.  If you want to build up your English to David Attenborough levels, book a class with us today!



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