• Listening Exercise: Downton Abbey

    This week’s listening exercise is using Downton Abbey, the popular British drama. The speech in this montage is quite a challenge and is really interesting. Although, I don’t think you will hear this type of English a lot these days, the dialect is still similar to modern British English. If you really want to challenge yourself and your English listening abilities try this short exercise.

    1. I’m ______ Tom’s small talk is very small indeed.
    2. If I were to search for logic I _________ not look for it among the English upper class.
    3. What a ________, I thought we might be in for something dreadful.
    4. Guilt has never played a ________ part in my life.
    5. I wonder your _________ doesn’t grow heavy, it must be like wearing a ______round the clock.
    6. I’ve no ________ said yes, then you come back with another request.
    7. The _____ thing we don’t want is a ________ in the family.

    Writing Exercise:
    Have you seen Downton Abbey? What is your favorite series? Why? Does your country have good series? Do you normally watch your favorite series on TV or on your computer?