• What is it Like to Go Blind? – English Listening Exercise

    This is a beautiful video that uses the audio diary of theologian John Hull, who describes his experience of going blind. It was touching and interesting and his voice is memorizing. I wanted to share it with our students.

    Our classes are not just about speaking English and learning a new language, but also about engaging in deep conversation with people from around the world. After all, isn’t this what really learning a language is about? So enjoy this listening exercise and please try the writing. This video lends itself to being pondered and written about.

    It is a longer video so I’m going to do 10 listening questions on the first 6:30 minutes of the video. I highly encourage you to watch the whole video and do the writing exercise.

    1. When did he get blind? (go blind)

    2. What are happening to the images in his mind?

    3. What does he believe memories are?

    4. How many children does he have? Which ones does he have visual memories?

    5. How old was he when he went blind in his left eye?

    6. What is the major loss for his wife?

    7. To be ______ is which to exist.

    8. Oh daddy, I wish you ______  see me.

    9. What month did his first panic attack related to blindness happen?

    10. What was his dreadful feeling after the snowstorm?

    Writing Exercise: What would it be like to go blind? Would you rather be born blind or have sight and then go blind? What would you miss seeing the most? How would you deal with it?

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