• Learning English with Television Series: Friends

    A lot of my English students tell me they like to practice their English listening skills by watching television series from the U.S. Big Bang Theory, Friends and Two and a Half Men are the series that come up most often.

    I’ll admit it right now, I don’t like any of these shows. I think their jokes are obvious, easy and not very original. I greatly prefer The Office and Louie. When I first discovered that people outside the U.S. like these shows so much, I was about as disappointed as when I learned a good Argentine friend of mine really loves going to McDonalds. Really, our culture does have better things to offer than McDonalds and Friends.

    But, I can completely understand why these shows would be popular for English learners, precisely for the reasons I mentioned above. The jokes aren’t that difficult to understand, and the shows have just the right combination of interesting and simple to keep someone who is learning a language interested. I do the same think when I’m learning  Spanish, but I use Pixar movies.

    So, despite my dislike of these shows personally, I’m going to try to use them as listening exercises in more of our articles. Here we go.

    They wouldn’t let me post this video from YouTube, but you can watch it here.

    What does Phoebe yell at the beginning?

    Go ahead and _____.

    It’s a nice story, I _____ ____ it’s a _____ ____ ____.

    Yeah, I just don’t ___ __.

    What does Phoebe mean when she says “Don’t get me started on Gravity.”

    Uh oh, it’s Issac Newton, and he’s ______.

    What does Phoebe say the really question is?

    How does Phoebe win the argument?

    I can’t believe you _____.

    What does the line above mean?

    Ok, I have to admit I laughed at some of that. Contact us if you’re interested in taking a class, or have any questions.