• Keeping Healthy: Preparing Yourself For The ICAO English Exams

    Pilots need to have a clean bill of health to maintain their license. This is a subject often raised in the English Proficiency Test for Aviation. Learn how to talk about health when preparing for the ICAO English Exam.

    How do you keep yourself healthy?

    Talking About Stress during your ICAO English Exam:

    How do you relax?

    Do you have a soothing pastime?

    Do you meditate?

    Do you practice yoga?

    Talking About Food during your ICAO English Exam:

    Do you avoid fatty foods?

    Do you eat fresh fruit and vegetables?

    Do you drink lots of water?

    Talking About Habits During Your ICAO English Exam:

    Have you quit smoking?

    Do you limit your alcohol intake?


    Do you go to the gym regularly?

    Do you try to walk to the shops?


    Do you take a multi vitamin and mineral supplements?

    Do you take iron tablets?


    Are you conscious of the dangers of bacteria?

    Do you wash your hands regularly?

    Do you go to the dentist regularly?

    Positive Mental Attitude

    How do you work on your positive mental attitude?

    Do you surround yourself with supportive people?

    Morgan’s Spurlock’s award-winning documentary, Supersize Me, is a great exploration of the dangers of too much fast food. Let’s watch the trailer now:

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