• Irregular Past Simple Verbs 2 (video and exercise)

    Ok, so this week we’re continuing to work on the 180 irregular past simple verbs in English (click here to read the first lesson) with another video and exercise. Once again, the good news is there are some patterns and categories that will make it much easier for you to remember which English verbs are irregular, and how they change.

    Here are a few more examples of irregular English verbs. See if you can conjugate them into the past simple.







    Watch the video to see how these verbs are changed to past simple, and to learn more about conjugating irregular English verbs into the past simple, then try the exercises below.

    Exercise: At the end of the video, Teauna asked if you could take the six irregular past simple categories, and see if you can add two verbs that fit in each one. Try it, and write your answers in the comments below.