• Indirect Questions and A Difficult Job Interview in English

    Indirect Questions in English

    Indirect questions are sometimes hard to understand and form in English, but they are used quite often. We’re going to use a funny animated video about a very difficult job interview to help you learn about indirect questions.

    We use them to ask questions to people we don’t know well, in professional situations or to be polite.

    Direct Questions in English

     As you probably know, to form simple questions in English we use: who, what, when, why, or how + ‘Aux (to be/do) + verb: For example:

    How are you? What do you do? Where are you from? These are simple and they are very clear and easier to answer. Indirect questions are a little more difficult. They often start with: Do you know…, Could you…., I was wondering if…Would you mind…

    Where is my hat? (Direct Question)

    Do you know where my hat is? (Indirect Question)

    Watch the video below (warning, there is some animated nudity in the video), then try the exercises:

    Interview from The Animation Workshop on Vimeo.

    English Exercises for direct and indirect questions:

    Answer the questions below, then change each of the direct questions into more polite questions. If you answer in comments, we’ll correct your answers.

    1. What ____ your strengths?

    2. Are you ______?

    3. Any _____? Any _____? ____ you comfortable with ____?

    4. Why ___ you leaving?

    5. Sit ____?

    What is your worst job interview experience?

    Finally, click here to try our quiz on indirect questions.