• Health Check Ups: Preparing For Your ICAO English Exams

    One of the critical elements of your career as a pilot is your medical exam. Your ability to fly depends on you having excellent health.

    This is a subject that you might have to talk about in your ICAO English exam.

    Your medical exams

    How often do you have a medical check up?


    Bi-annually (twice a year)?

    What does your medical exam involve?

    The doctor examines my….

    Medical and family history,

    Vital statistics like height, weight etc,

    Blood and urine,

    Ears to check for inner ear for infection, possible deafness and wax build up,

    Eyes to test vision and the health of the retina,

    Exam nerve reflexes by gently tapping my knees, elbows etc, 

    Neck to check my mobility and blood flow,

    Lungs to check my breathing,

    Heart with an Electrocardiogram, chest x-ray and audiogram to locate any irregularities.

    My prostate (for men) and my breast area with mammogram (for women).

    How do you feel about your medical check ups?

    I feel relaxed about it. I feel like I am in excellent health. I watch my diet and exercise regularly.

    I feel apprehensive about it. I have some health issues that I am worried might prevent me flying.

    Not only pilots need regular check ups, presidents do also. Here is a short report on President Obama’s recent medical examination. Let’s watch it and answer the questions afterwards. 

    What are President Obama’s two health issues?

    How is the President’s diet affecting his health?

    Most people think that smoking three cigarettes a day is a lot better than smoking two packets a day. This is not the case according to this report. Why not? 

    What are the President’s two signs of good health?

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