• What Happened To Amelia Earhart?: Preparing for Your ICAO English Exams

    One of the most fascinating characters in aviation history has to be Amelia Earhart, the first aviatrix to fly solo across the Atlantic Ocean.

    What happened to Amelia who hasn’t been seen since 1937 on one of her most daring missions, remains a mystery. However, many theories surrounding her disappearance. Let’s listen to some of them now.

    Which one do you find most convincing?

    What was Amelia Earhart’s goal?

    Where did Earhart and her navigator take off?

    Where were they flying to?

    Where was the last sighting of Earhart?

    What did the US navy conclude had happened to her?

    What was the name of her plane?

    Why do many people think the navy’s theory is incorrect?

    What is the first alternative theory about what happened to Earhart and her navigator?

    What do some people believe was her secret mission?

    Here is the trailer of the movie Amelia, based on the life of the aviatrix.

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