• Gerund or Noun? Video with Exercise

    One of our long time students asked us a few weeks ago to explain when he should use the words “investment,” or “investing.” The noun or the gerund form of this word. Particularly, he wanted to know if he should write:

    The (investing/investment) ideas produced by the Financial Times are interesting.

    It was a good question, and while we, as native English speakers, intuitively knew the correct answer, it took some thinking and studying to explain it. Here are two more examples. Can you decide whether to use the noun or gerund?

    Deep (thought/thinking) is needed to decide to change jobs.

    The (sale/selling) of the company was completed in May. 

    Watch the video below to see the answers to the examples, and hear a detailed explanation for when to use the noun or gerund in English.

    Complete the exercises below. Write your answers in comments and we will respond.

    1. (Moving/Move) to Buenos Aires was a really good idea.

    2. The (decision/deciding) was very difficult to make.

    3. A lot of (read/reading) is required to finish school.

    4. It will take a big (investing/investment) to make the company grow.

    5. (Selling/Sale) the company was a really good idea.

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