• The First Animal To Survive In Space: Part 2

    Today’s class is the sequel to our part 1 on the tardigrade. Watch the video below from 3:00 onwards and then see if you can answer some challenging comprehension questions. As always, write your comments below so we can get back to you and share our tardigrade knowledge!


    1. In the video Mr.Shaw said that tardigrades have gone into space and survived. What are some of the harsh conditions that exist in space that he mentioned (there are 4)?
    2. What is the fastest speed that anything can travel?
    3. Does Mr. Shaw believe in aliens (extra terrestrial life)?
    4. Where did Mr. Shaw find tardigrades, where there was previously thought to be none?
    5. How do tardigrades preserve themselves?
    6. How many years can they live for?
    7. What has made Mr. Shaw happier?

    I hope you managed to answer those tough questions, if so, you are now a tardigradologist (a tardigrade expert)! Sign up for a class today with LOI English to perfect your English skills.