• The First Animal To Survive In Space: Part 1

    What animal can be found on the highest mountains to the deepest oceans, from the hot and humid tropical rainforests to the freezing Antarctic? It is the tardigrade of course! The tardigrade is one of the world’s strangest and toughest animals, and it is found everywhere on Earth. Have you heard of it before? If not, today’s class will teach you everything you need to know about this weird little creature. Take a look at this informative video about the ‘water bear.’ No need to watch it all. For today’s class, please watch up to 3:00 minutes, and we’ll continue next time!

    English Listening Video:

    I hope you thought that video was cool. Below are some sentences from the video with missing words. Feel free to listen to the video again and fill in the correct words. Write your answers in the comment section to see if you are correct.

    English listening Gap Fill:

    1. I consider myself a _______________. I’ve been called a ______________ in a classical sense.
    2. Basically, it is a little ____________-like creature, looks like a caterpillar with eight legs and it has _________ that look like bear ____________, that’s why it is called a ________________.
    3. They have a ____________, they have a _____________ tract, they have ____________, they have a __________ system, so they are similar to us in that way.
    4. Their ability to withstand…. as far as heat they can survive ___________ degrees Celsius, which is 240 Fahrenheit, 200 or 300 degrees below zero, vacuum of __________, a ____________ atmospheres of pressure, _________, ultraviolet radiation…..
    5. Now if you are looking for tardigrades and you want to find a good habitat, trees like this, which have deep furrows in the ________ are best.

    English listening Vocabulary Builder:

    Now that you have completed the sentences, below are some keywords from the video. Most of them are science related, so if you are an aspiring scientist, these will be particularly useful for you. Can you match the vocabulary to the correct definition?

    Now we can practice our new vocabulary. Look at the sentences below. Can you place the correct word into the space to complete the sentence?

    1. The ___________ of penguins is usually in colder areas, such as Antarctica.
    2. ________________s are tiny creatures that live all over the planet.
    3. Astronauts must wear spacesuits when in the ____________ of space, otherwise the will die due to lack of oxygen.
    4. He is a very _____________ man. He never takes any credit for making his company so successful.
    5. Even a _____________ hole in a submarine would be disastrous!
    6. I’m not sure if I know the answer to your question. I am a physicist not a ________________ !
    7. It is believed that humans _______________ from primates.

    We hope that you enjoyed the first part of our tardigrade class! We love reading your responses in the comments section. Next week, we will follow up with part 2. In the meantime, sign up for a trial class with a native English speaker!

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