• Figure Out – Phrasal Verb of the Day

    Today’s phrasal verb of the day is: Figure Out

    Infinitive form: Figure Out

    Present Tense: Figure out/Figures out

    ing form: Figuring Out

    Past tense: Figured Out

    Participle: Figured Out

    It is a separable phrasal verb that can be used in two ways:

    1. When you understand or learn the answer to a question or the solution to a problem.

    I figured out the answer to question #9 on my Math homework.

    2. When you understand why a person is a certain way or acts a certain way.

    I’m trying to figure John out, but I just don’t understand him.

    A video about a young girl trying to ‘figure it out.’ In the video she uses: figuring things out, figuring themselves out, figure all that out, a nice place for all of that to be figured out, I’m figuring it out,

    1. She _______ ____ the code to the safe and stole thousands of dollars in jewelry.

    2. _____ ___ how to break into the safe must have taken some time.

    3. She is a very unique robber. Police can’t ______ her ____.

    4. Have you ever _______ _____ a secret password or code?

    Rephrase the following sentences:

    I have finally found the answer to Question number 7.

    I really need to understand her, if we are going to date.

    The police need to find an explanation to how the thief broke into the jewelry shop.

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