• Facebook Madness! Advanced Listening Exercise

    Last week was a big news week for Facebook, as the company began trading publicly on the NASDAQ on Friday. I’m not sure how it was in other countries, but here in the U.S. it was an important topic.

    A lot of people wondered, and still wonder, if Facebook is really worth $100 billion. Over the next few months we’ll watch and see. In the meantime, I know a lot of our students are interested in the tech world, and especially the startup world that Facebook helped to create in many ways, so I’ve made a listening exercise with a video about the company going public.

    The video is a little difficult, but it’s short, so you can watch it a few times. Below you’ll find listening questions.


    You can write the answers below in comments, and we’ll give you the results.

    1. What information about Facebook were people trying to download from the internet?
    2. Apparently there were so many people that had _____ ____.
    3. What does the phrase from the sentence above mean?
    4. How many monthly active users does Facebook have?
    5. That’s basically __ ____ _____ almost everyone that has a computer in the world, has internet access in the world. (note: She’s wrong. There are about 2.45 billion.)
    6. What was Facebook’s warning about these numbers?
    7. What did Zuckerberg say in his 2,000 word letter?
    8. Why would this bother investors?